Glowing Skin Smoothie

Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

This bright and cheery smoothie has everything in it to give you glowing skin. Rich in vitamin C, collagen, and probiotic-rich yogurt, it contains some of the best nutrients for skin (and whole body) health. And bonus – with nutrient-dense fats and fiber, this smoothie will keep you satiated all morning!

In the mix:

1 frozen banana

1 large carrot

2 satsumas or 1 large orange

1/2 c. unsweetened vanilla almond milk – I love Malk, as it contains no gums and uses sprouted nuts

1/2 cup full-fat grass-fed yogurt or coconut yogurt

1/2 tsp. vanilla

1 tbsp. chia seeds

1 scoop grass-fed collagen peptide powder (I use and love this – it has zero flavor, and this one is also very high-quality + works well in smoothies)

Ice cubes

Blend in a high speed blender until smooth & enjoy!